List of 2020 Multiplayer Game Winner in India

The Game Awards honor the best in gaming consistently, and it's an extraordinary show this year too. 2020 has been an alternate year for gaming, given the way that we must be sitting at home for its vast majority. Given the additional gaming time we have had which helped generally speaking gaming time for a ton of people, a couple of games like Among Us came through. The critical part of these games has been the multiplayer perspective. Among Us was the breakout star of the year, and we have appreciated playing it in this way, to such an extent. So it's nothing unexpected actually that Among Us was simply delegated the Best Multiplayer Game at The Game Awards, 2020.

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Among Us (PC)
  • Genre Genre

    Survival, Casual, Social Deduction

  • Platform Platform


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  • Rating Rating

    Mature 17+ (M) , Age 18 and Over

List of Best 2020 Multiplayer Game Winner in India

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