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Crystal Dynamics, Inc. is an American computer game designer established in 1992 by Judy Lang, Madeline Canepa and Dave Morris and is situated in the San Francisco Bay Area. It was gained by Eidos Interactive in 1998 and is important for Square Enix Europe beginning around 2009. Crystal Dynamics was the primary authorized engineer for 3DO. The organization's mascot was the computer game person Gex the Gecko until 2000. Crystal Dynamics was shaped on 8 July 1992 by previous Sega representatives Judy Lang, Madeline Canepa, and Dave Morris. Crystal was the principal authorized designer for 3DO, a gaming equipment stage all the while supported by Kleiner Perkins. Mark Cerny joined the organization, however he left to work for Universal Interactive Studios. In 1993, Strauss Zelnick, leader of twentieth Century Fox's film studio, was employed to run Crystal Dynamics. This made public news and assisted with igniting the free for all of media speculations of the mid-1990s. A 1993 publication in Electronic Gaming Monthly proclaimed that "the most sizzling new computer game organization on the upscale scene is certainly Crystal Dynamics. Some of the games under this production are: - Total Eclipse, The Horde, Gex, Solar Eclipse, etc. For more you can visit our official website.
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