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A Japanese maker of equipment and programming for computer games is SNK Corporation. It is the replacement for the business Shin Nihon Kikaku and presently controls the Neo Geo gaming framework and the SNK computer game brand name. The enterprise's most memorable name depended on the name of the pioneer. The name was legitimately truncated to SNK Corporation in 1981, and the business embraced that name as its lawful name in 1986. The Neo Geo line of arcade, home, and versatile gaming consoles was created by SNK in 1990. SNK has generally for the most part worked in the computer game industry as a control center and PC game designer, distributor, and equipment maker with an accentuation on arcade games. SNK started delivering pachislot machines in 2004, however, the business left the market in 2015. The business began making versatile games in 2009. The Art of Fighting, Fatal Fury, Metal Slug, Samurai Shodown, The Last Blade, World Heroes, Twinkle Star Sprites, and The King of Fighters are instances of exemplary SNK establishments.
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Samurai Shodown (PS4)
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    Single-Player, Multiplayer

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    Mature 17+ (M) , Age 16 and Over

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