YouTube is Testing New Gestures For Watching Videos: Reports

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According to recent reports, YouTube is testing new gestures for watching videos. It will mainly be an easy seek gesture where users can ‘drag and hold’ to forward/rewind a video to their favourite part. As of now, all they can do is double-tap on either side of the screen to rewind, skip, or forward 10 seconds.

YouTube is a highly popular content app/website. Anyone can create a ‘channel’ and upload videos or live streams. Founded in 2005, YouTube is the best place to find content in any genre, from entertainment to education. With over 600 hours of content uploaded every minute, YouTube is a solid carrier for thousands of people.

However, the user experience wasn’t really updated in recent years and other platforms were picking up, simply because they offered these extra minor functions. This is the first major change to the user experience in a while!

This was first spotted by Reddit user @u/FragmentedChicken following a report from Android Police. It seems like the feature is currently only available on the latest YouTube beta v16.31.34 on Android, however many people complained about not have received it on the version. Some iOS users also report that they have the gesture.

The way this works is users will see a “Slide left or right to seek” text on the top of their screen while using this feature. It can be activated by tapping and holding anywhere and sliding either side to rewind or skip. YouTube will also show a small preview of the content being skipped, making the process much easier.

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This new gesture makes it easier to use YouTube and will make watching videos a pleasant experience for users.

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