YouTube has launched two new functions to guide users in locating credible health – related information.

YouTube has reveled two new features which will allow its users to give credible health related information.

YouTube is introducing two new features for health-related searches in an effort to make it easier for users to access reputable health information. The health source information panel will appear in reliable source videos. This indicates that the information given in the video is credible and trustworthy. The panel shows between the video title and the buttons row. It has a medical cross badge and a brief statement indicating that the film was created by an accredited hospital or medical institute.

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Dr. Garth Graham, MD, YouTube’s Director and Global Head of Healthcare, stated, “We’re introducing health source information panels on the video to assist viewers to identify videos from authoritative sources, as well as health content shelves that highlight films from these sources more effectively when searching for specific health themes. These contextual clues are intended to assist consumers in more readily navigating and evaluating trustworthy health information. People can still locate relevant videos from a variety of channels in their search results.”

Furthermore, the health content shelf is a new section that appears at the top of search results for health-related terms. For example, if you search for “breast cancer,” you’ll notice a new “From health sources” area at the top with videos from reliable health sites on a vertically-scrollable stream. Users will still be able to locate related films from other sources, but they will be shown underneath the health section.

YouTube claims it is now offering these services to users in India, Brazil, and Japan, after first launching them in the United States last year. The additional features will be rolled out to other countries in the following months, according to the company. YouTube claims to have chosen which sources to include in these health features based on a set of standards developed by the National Academy of Medicine (NAM). In addition, it is collaborating with WHO and NAM to study and validate global criteria for recognizing reputable health sources.

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