YouTube Ends Rewind Forever; Looks Forward to Creators’ Rewind

YouTube Rewind
YouTube Rewind

At the end of every year, YouTube made a special video called “YouTube Rewind”. Rewind involved a selection of the biggest creators on the platform to make one annual video cherishing any major events that happened. Last year was a special year though and YouTube announced that they have canceled Rewind for the year.

This inspired creators like MrBeast (>70M subscribers) to make their own rewind. “It just wouldn’t be YouTube if we didn’t have a Rewind to make fun of,” said MrBeast in his Rewind. YouTube has exclusively confirmed to Tubefilter that it is doing away with the annual compendium for good.

This major announcement was made in the year which was the 10th anniversary of Rewind. There could be many reasons why YouTube ended rewind. Rewinds received widespread criticism and hate to the point where Rewind 2018 became the most disliked video on the platform. The actual reason though, is that YouTube has now become too big of a platform to be represented in an under 10-minute video. The trends on YouTube are so vast and high in number that it was impossible to compact it down to a short video that was entertaining.

“Accordingly, YouTube says it will be passing the baton to creators, who have increasingly been producing their own homespun versions of YouTube Rewind in recent years.”

The company isn’t entirely exiting the business of year-end recapping. It will continue to produce its annual trends lists, which rank noteworthy videos and creators across different categories.

It is unfortunate that Rewind had to go but from YouTube’s perspective as a fair and entertaining platform, it was the right decision to make. Rewind will never be forgotten, RIP.

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