You Won’t Need a Subscription to Use the Latest Version of Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office 2021
Microsoft Office 2021

Microsoft is all set to launch its highly anticipated Windows 11 on October 5th this year. In addition to that, the Washington-based tech giant is also launching a brand new version of Microsoft Office 365 as it does every year. Just like previous versions of Office, consumers and small businesses can now get the new Office 2021 suite for a flat, one-time price rather than a recurring subscription to the suite with Microsoft 365.

The blog post that Microsoft officially published confirmed that a brand new version of their suite will be out on October 5th alongside their new operating system, Windows 11. We had seen many hints about this change from the company earlier and they have said that the subscription-based service is still available alongside the flat price this year.

Like most of the time, Office 2021 comes in two variants:

Office LTSC

Office LTSC or Long Term Servicing Channel is the version exclusively for commercial use and big businesses. This version is generally available starting today and includes enhanced accessibility features, performance improvements on some apps, and aesthetic improvements like dark mode support. It’s mainly meant for specialty situations, as opposed to for an entire organization, such as process control devices on the manufacturing floor that are not connected to the internet. 

Office for Personal Use

The second variant is for regular consumers and is the more widely used variant. This will be available on October 5 and Microsoft has neither given any details about it nor its pricing, so we cannot say anything about it, officially.

Like regular tradition, both versions will be available for Windows as well as Mac and in 64-bit and 32-bit variants. Microsoft has also promised to support the software suite for five years.

A new version of Office is finally coming out with some incremental upgrades. Will you be upgrading? Let us know in the comments below!

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