You can soon make cryptocurrency payments with Signal app

You can soon make cryptocurrency payments with the Signal app
You can soon make cryptocurrency payments with the Signal app

Amid all security breaches and leaks, Signal has risen as a hero. With WhatsApp losing its popularity due to controversial privacy policies, Signal is continuing to promote itself as a safer platform to exchange conversations and payments. Yes! Soon enough Signal app users can make payments too.

Amongst all the feature updates on Signal intriguing people to switch platforms, they have announced a new digital payment feature too. It will allow Signal users to send and receive privacy-focused payments. 


The signal payments feature is now available on the latest beta build. As it is still in the initial testing stage, it only supports one payment method, called MobileCoin. Well, it is a type of cryptocurrency. 

Jun Harada, Signal’s Head of Growth and Communications in their official blog post said,

“We want payments in Signal to be fast, private, and work well on mobile devices. The first payments protocol we’ve added support for is a privacy-focused payments network called MobileCoin, which has its own currency, MOB,”

Jun Harada


In the latest beta update, Signal users will be able to link the MobileCoin wallets with Signal for easy trade (sending and receiving) of MOB. The app users can also track their MOB funds and other transaction histories within the interface. This feature will come in handy for transferring MOB to friends and family. 

Adding to the blog post, Jun also mentions that this cryptocurrency payments feature is only available for Signal app users in the UK. 

 “This is a beta feature in a beta build, but for those in the United Kingdom living life on the edge, please help us test and give feedback,” 

Jun Harada

We will evidently find this feature update in other regions as well, once the Signal officials see it as a success. However, there are no words out yet.

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