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xScreen for Xbox Series S

Feel the thrill of playing games on all-new xScreen exclusively for Xbox Series S.

We encounter the common problem after buying any console is the need for other devices to run the console. You might need a TV or monitor for display, Power supply, and connection chords. Unfortunately, all of them are not always available. Personally, I bought a PS4 and was forced to buy a new monitor to use it. Others might also see the problems of owning a console. So, Xbox has come up with a solution to remove all the inconsistencies and drawbacks of the console in a single go (i.e.) xScreen.

Why xScreen?

  • No console Modification
  • No HDMI cable connection required
  • No power cord

The company has developed a device that can be used as a display in the shape of a laptop with audio, display, and power source connectivity.

Get ready to game more with xScreen

After the Xbox Series S release, the company saw an opportunity to create a fully independent and portable console. The device has an integrated and slick design that connects to the console with a removable folding screen (i.e.) similar to that of Microsoft’s Surface GO. To provide a laptop-like experience on the console, the device features inbuilt speakers. You can easily carry the device in your backpack due to its small form factor.

Talking about connectivity, when you mount the screen on the console, the device connects directly into the HDMI and USB ports. The device is powered through a USB port, and for audio and visuals, the HDMI port provides accessibility. The only cable you will ever require is the original power that can with the console.

Key Features of xScreen

  • Unique patent-pending attachment system.
  • Access to pass-through power and storage expansion slot.
  • Display perfectly in sync with Xbox Series S.
  • In-built stereo speakers and controls are just like a monitor.
  • Easy to carry and move around

Accessories you will get with xScreen

  • xScreen Colored Latches
  • xScreen Stand Feet.
  • xScreen EVA Case

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