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Xiaomi’s First Under-Screen Proactive Flagship Device

Xiaomi to feature under-screen camera.

According to earlier reports, Xiaomi is working on its latest MIX flagship smartphone and is planning to release it in the third quarter of this year. The MIX series returns to the smartphone lineups after long-awaited three years and it is expected to break the smartphone market.

According to a blogger, the device will only feature one variant. That means we can expect an under-screen proactive version. The company has decided to break the chains of traditional display technologies.

FACT: Smartphone companies put a large amount of money into their Research and Development (Almost 70% of their funds).

Proactive screens were originally used towards large computer displays equipped with augmented sensors that can detect people nearby and show content relating to those peoples. It’s a bridge between a person’s digital content and their presence in the real world. It’s gonna be like those traditional RPG Japanese anime we have seen in the series. We don’t know how Xiaomi achieved these heights in display technology, but it’s worth complimenting them to breakthrough in these technological advancements.

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The Under-screen proactive technology is much more complicated than you can ever imagine. Xiaomi has put aside or they might have missed the 2K+ resolution, to achieve the high-resolution screen, which has a better display in the 1080P segment.

Xiaomi's First Under-Screen Proactive Flagship Device
Image Source: Android Authority

The screen quality of the Xiaomi Mi MIX 4 will remain inferior to that of the Xiaomi MI 11 Ultra. To overcome the lack of screen quality, Xioami might adopt a four-frame fully equal-width design. The device is expected to be equipped with a Snapdragon 888 processor, a 108MP primary rear camera, and a 4500mAh large battery that supports 120W wired fast charging. This is the highest level of mass production technology Xiaomi has ever achieved.

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