Xiaomi Wireless Charging Patent for Foldable Phone

Xiaomi Wireless Charging
Xiaomi Wireless Charging

Xiaomi wireless Charging patent shows that Wireless Charging for Foldable phones is becoming faster. Super Fast wired charging can make your experience better. Like this Fast wireless, Charging can make your smartphone experience even better. Looks like Xiaomi is working toward it. Today Xiaomi filed a patent for Wireless Charging which is pretty exciting. A new patent from Xiaomi Mobile Software Co., Ltd. has the title “Wireless Charging Method and Device, Folding Screen Electronic Equipment, Storage Media”. The patent number is CN113098152A, and the application date is January 8, 2020. The patent abstract shows that it is for wireless charging technology. The description reads “the first receiving module and/or the second receiving module are selected based on the charging type to charge the battery of the foldable electronic device”.

Xiaomi Wireless Charging
Xiaomi Wireless Charging

“By arranging the first receiving module and the second receiving module on the foldable electronic device, when one side of the foldable electronic device is close to the wireless charging device, at least one receiving module can be selected to wirelessly charge the battery of the electronic device. This will improve the charging efficiency and shorten the charging time”.

Wireless Charging is more convenient than wired charging. So this will make surely improve the user experience.

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