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Xiaomi: Ranked No. 1 in the Global Market Share of Smartphone in Q1 2021

Xiaomi is King, For Now At Least


  • For the first time, global mobile shipment sales surpassed $100 billion in the March quarter, reaching $113 billion.
  • Apple iPhone’s active installed base reached a new high this quarter.
  • In the first quarter of 2021, Xiaomi ranked first in the 12 smartphone markets in the world.

Xiaomi remains the top smartphone manufacturer—at least for now—capturing almost 18% of the global market in 2021 Q1. That’s about the same portion of market share it held back in 2020 Q2.

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Xiaomi’s mobile market share in Europe has risen to second place for the first time. For two quarters in a row, Eastern Europe’s smartphone market share was fourth, Western Europe’s smartphone market share was seventh, and Spain India’s smartphone market share was first for five quarters in a row.

Global Smartphone Quarterly Market Data (2018Q1 – 2021Q1) – Source

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Yet, while Xiaomi’s market share remains relatively intact, sales did drop by almost 7% in 2020. That’s a slightly smaller dip than the overall market, which experienced a 12.5% decline in sales last year.

Meanwhile, Samsung crawled up the ranks in 2020, surpassing Apple and claiming the number two spot on the list. The U.S. company launched the iPhone 12 in October 2020, which boosted Q4 2020 unit sales by almost 15% compared to Q4 2019.

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