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Xiaomi Pushes MIUI 12.5.4 Stable Update for Mi 11 Ultra

Xiaomi officially said Xiaomi has released and moved the stable version of Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra successively. The users can experience completely enhanced camera functions after upgrading to MIUI

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The Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra camera has been upgraded extensively according to the news. Since upgrading, the focus of the camera is more reliable, color reproduction is more precise, and the correction against ultra-wide distortion can be increased.

Xiaomi MI 11 Ultra (The Android King)
Xiaomi MI 11 Ultra (The Android King)

At the spring new product launch conference held at the end of March, Xiaomi unveiled two smartphone flagships, Xiaomi 11 Pro and Xiaomi 11 Ultra.  Xiaomi 11 Ultra is based, based on Xiaomi 11 Pro, on a super-outsole 50 MP camera with Samsung GM2 and an IMX586 auxiliary lens update supports 8K at all focal lengths and is fitted with a 120-fold telephoto lens (48MP, 10x).

The Mi 11 Ultra features a 1.1-inch Osmo window that allows a range of details to be seen and the monitor is supporting.

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