Xiaomi Mi 11 Pro Will Feature The Largest Smartphone Camera Sensor

Xiaomi MI 11 PRO Will Feature The Largest Smartphone Camera Sensor
Xiaomi MI 11 PRO Will Feature The Largest Smartphone Camera Sensor

Leakster @RODENT950 tweeted that Mi11 Pro and Mi11 Ultra are coming with GN2 Sensor. It’s the first device to feature a GN2 Sensor and going to be the biggest sensor in the market 1/1.12” this year.         

Another Leakster, @Digital Chat Station, Stated that Xioami is going to launch some major Products in March and April. Acquiring the first position in the race for the best-featured smartphone of the year with GN2 sensor Mi11 Ultra might share the same position as Mi11 Pro, which is rumored to be featuring the same sensor and also have a mini display on the back panel.

The 1/1.12” GN2 will be the largest sensor we see in a smartphone this year, says @IceUniverse. Samsung designed it with large pixels (1.4 µm) instead of aiming for 100+ megapixel resolution (the GN2 is a 50 MP sensor). Even so, 4-in-1 pixel binning is available for what promises to be unbeatable low-light performance. The upgraded Dual Pixel Pro autofocus system will deliver faster and more accurate focus locks.

Key Feature of GN2 sensor:

  • large pixels (1.4 µm),
  •  50 MP sensor,
  •  4-in-1 pixel binning,
  •  low-light performance,
  •  Dual Pixel Pro autofocus system,

The GN2 sensor is the largest sensor we might see in a smartphone in 2021. The designer of the GN2sensor is Samsung. In search of this latest technological advancement, while everyone was looking south Samsung suddenly went north a hit a gold mine(GN2 Sensor).

It’s expected that Mi11 Pro and Mi11 Ultra might feature periscope lens with 48 MP sensors and up to 120x digital zoom. The tertiary camera will have an ultra-wide lens and a 48MP sensor. In the official poster, Xiaomi stated, It will be released on the 29th March.

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