Xiaomi Claims to Fully Charge a Phone in Eight Minutes at 200W

Xiaomi Wireless Charging
Xiaomi Wireless Charging

Xiaomi sets a new charging speed record for fastest charging (i.e) wireless and wired charging. Xiaomi has a custom-built Mi 11 Pro for the demonstration for wired and wireless charging. The company modified the device with a 4,000mAh battery. Xiaomi claims to fully charge the device in just 8 minutes with a 200W wired charger, and it takes 15 minutes to charge the device with a 120W hyper-charger over wireless charging.

Chinese companies are always known to bring something out of the box. Other Chinese companies, like Huawei, Xiaomi, OnePlus, and Vivo, are also involved in this race of development of fast-charging technology. Companies put most of their money into the research and development process to bring new technologies for users with the release of every device. Before Xiaomi, Oppo’s VOCC technology held the record for fastest charging device. Oppo VOOC technology could charge a 4,000mAh device-in-20-minutes with a 125W system.

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On the other hand, The Huawei Mate X features a 55W rapid charging technology that can charge a battery from 0% to 85% in just 30 minutes. However, Huawei Mate X may be called a niche device. The OnePlus 7T, for example, features a Warp Charger. OnePlus 7T claims to charge a 3800mAh battery from 0 to 70% in 30 minutes. But, nowhere close to Xiaomi’s Hyper Chargers.

Xiaomi’s Recent Tweet

This is just a prototype developed by Xiaomi, if they want to charge this quickly, they’ll need to implement some form of the sick cooling system as the battery degrades due to high heating.

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