WWDC 2022 Information Leaked In WWDC 2021

WWDC 2022
WWDC 2021 | June 7

Apple held the WWDC 2021 on Monday, during this event Apple presented a scene where Craig Federighi demonstrated Live Text. It’s a scene where he takes a picture of a whiteboard, and converts the handwritten text into text using the Live Text function, and emails it to Tim Cook.

When looked closely at the title of the whiteboard it was written “Top secret features for WWDC22”. Like seriously WWDC22? There is a possibility that Apple preparations for next year’s WWDC have already begun a year ago! Let us try to figure out what’s next.

Top secret Features for WWDC 2022

WWDC 2022
WWDC 2021 – June 7 | Apple
  1. Haircut reminder (use front-facing camera): Maybe it’s a function that uses the front camera to tell you when you need a haircut.
  2. Personal hologram (video call stand-in): This might indicate using hologram as a median during video calls. (quite similar to Google Starlink)
  3. Dog AirPods (AirBuds ?? Does Siri speak dog?): A feature that might interact with pets using Siri.
  4. Autonomous phone retrieval ( Me find?): Indicating towards Automatic search for the phone can be done using SIRI or Apple watch.
  5. Personal stylist feature: A feature that will help you choose Outfit of the day or maybe Apple introducing something similar to a smart wardrobe.
  6. Scroll to Recharge: 360-degree wireless charging.


(Brainstorming the naming of macOS next year)

  1. macOS Zeppelin: Zeppelin is a type of rigid airship.
  2. macOS Bigfoot: Bigfoot is an ape-like creature that is purported to inhabit the forests.
  3. macOS Falcon: Falcon a bird.

Looking at the names its 100% sure that upcoming macOS will be really powerful.



  1. Refresh this weekend with goat yoga: might be a normal talk with TIM COOK.
  2. Research propulsion for APR: Finding a way to raise the annual performance evaluation
  3. Juliana to start testing AirBuds designs: Juliana (an employee at apple) will start work on upcoming airpods.

Upgrades to health

  1. Baby animal GIFs automatically appear if blood pressure above a certain threshold: If the blood pressure gets too high, a baby animal GIF animation will appear to lower the blood pressure.
  2. Apple TV locks for rest of evening if the user spends more than 10 minutes picking a show: Just teasing around I guess.

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WWDC 2022
WWDC 2021

By the way, the body of the email is …
Hi Tim,
We had a great work session today. Here are some of our proposed big features for WWDC 2022: (than the above mentioned 6 points)

So, that’s all that we predicted from the WWDC 2021 event. Let us wait and watch till the next WWDC 2022 and see are our predictions true or not.

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