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Windows 11: How to Check if Your PC has TPM for an Upgrade

Windows 11 upgrade requires TMP 2.0 or higher to run smoothly.

Windows 11 – Microsoft announced Windows 11 this week with some changes in the minimum system requirements for running Windows 11. The thing that stuck the most people was TPM (Trusted Platform Module). So how to check if your PC has TPM or not and how to enable it.

How to check if your PC has TPM

It is very easy to check TPM on your PC just follow this steps:

  • Press Windows key+R and a dialogue box will appear
  • In the dialogue box type tpm.msc and hit enter
Check TPM
Run tpm.msc
  • A new window will open showing status and version of your TPM
TPM Status and Version

If your PC is not showing “The TPM is ready for use” don’t worry there are few things you can do to change that like enabling TPM from the BIOS.

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How to Enable TPM from BIOS.

It is possible that TPM might be disabled in the BIOS setting. If so follow this steps to enable TPM from the BIOS:

  • Enter the BIOS by pressing “F10, F12, or Delete” on the startup depending on your system
How to Enable TPM from BIOS.
  • In BIOS enter in security mode and their find TPM
How to Enable TPM from BIOS.
  • After finding TPM enable it
How to Enable TPM from BIOS.
  • After enabling it hit save and exit the bios
  • Your TPM should be enabled after this.

Do keep in mind that your system might appear different than the one shown here, but it will be the same process across all systems.

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