Who is Samantha Samsung, The Currently Popular Online Character?

Who is Samantha Samsung, the currently popular online character?
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Samsung is trending for an unexpected reason – netizens are simping over the new mascot character made for the brand by a design firm named, Lightfarm. Samsung hired Lightfarm to make an AI character act as a mascot character created for marketing. Many companies have their mascot characters of Oppo, Vivo, and many more. These images were the final product that was never used in any marketing campaign. These images were stored on the leading site of the deigning firm until they deleted the post.

Samantha was created to help build, strengthen brand identity, and reinforce top-of-mind awareness. She’s a blue-eyed, lively girl wearing a black shirt with Samsung written on it.

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Previously, Samsung had a virtual assistant, decided to update the existing 2D version, and gave her a new 3D version. Lightfarm has completely redesigned Sam to return to social networks. They also gave her many more expressions, different poses, and textures. Lightfarm has developed a realistic-looking mascot so that she appears aesthetically pleasing.


Samantha is not an official product by Samsung yet. In the renders, she seems to be jamming on her Samsung mobile, browsing apps, listening to music, and texting friends. Samsung is in the news for a surprising reason — everyone is simping over a new mascot character created for the brand.

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