WhatsApp is Working on New Privacy Features; Will Let You Hide Your “Last Seen” From Selected Contacts

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WhatsApp is globally the most popular mobile messaging application with around two billion monthly active users as of 2021, according to a report from Statista. The latest beta update reveals that WhatsApp will finally be reworking some of the privacy features it had for years.

Internet messaging apps like WhatsApp provide details to your contacts about the last time you were online on the platform. This information helps the person contacting you to know if you were available recently or not. This is typically shown by putting “Last Seen” under the name of your contact and then specifying the time they were last online.

As of now, WhatsApp gives you the choice of who can see your “Last Seen, About and Profile Picture” info. But if you want to hide your last seen data from specific contacts, there was no provision earlier to do so. The only options you can choose to show your last seen data are, “Everybody, My Contacts and Nobody.” This hampers you from hiding your private details from some of your contacts.

Credit: WABetainfo

According to WABetainfo, in the upcoming updates, you will get an option to hide your “Last Seen” from certain contacts. If you look at the image above, you can see the addition of a new option in privacy settings as “My Contacts Except…” This will give you the option of hiding your last seen from the contacts you would not want to share your information with, while others will still be able to see your last seen. We expect these settings will also apply to the “About” and “Profile Picture” sections of privacy settings.

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This was a long-awaited feature as many other messaging platforms like Telegram have been providing you with these features for quite a while now. It is available on WhatsApp Beta for iOS as of now and is expected to be available even on Android when the Public build goes live.

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