Whatsapp May Get Disappearing Messages Feature

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Popular messaging service WhatsApp may get a new ‘Disappearing Messages’ feature, similar to ‘Vanish Mode’ on Facebook’s own Instagram and Snapchat. It will let users convert regular chats to auto-deleting chats, to improve user privacy.

The feature was reportedly revealed by WhatsApp Head Will Cathcart and Facebook Co-Founder Mark Zuckerberg in a WhatsApp chat all the way back in June. WhatsApp already has a similar feature, where users can delete chats after a period of 7 days, but this is a revision to that, giving users a lot more options on the deletion time frame.

First seen in a report, WABetaInfo said that the disappearing messages feature will be available to beta testers in the privacy settings on v2.21.18.7, though beta testers on that version are yet to see this rumored feature being implemented. WABetaInfo says the feature is under development and shared this screenshot:

Whatsapp privacy settings
WhatsApp Privacy Settings with the new Disappearing Mode

Will Cathcart and Mark Zuckerberg allegedly revealed the plans to roll out the Disappearing Mode in a chat with WABetaInfo, back in June. The mode would enable the existing Disappearing Messages feature across all chats to make them temporary. This feature is rumored to work exactly like Instagram and Snapchat’s Vanish Mode. Chats will delete after viewing and all the people you are chatting with will be notified about the mode being on. It is rumored to be available for both chats and groups.

Alongside this new feature, WhatsApp is also said to be working on enhancing the already existing Disappear Mode. The company plans to introduce a 24-hour and a 90 auto-deletion time frame along with the already existing 7 days, to give users a lot more freedom.

The company is rumored to only announce this on Android for now, but iOS users should see it shortly after. We have been given no official details regarding any aspect of this, so everything is still unclear.

Aside from this feature, WhatsApp is also said to be working on a redesign of the contact card that appears when you click the profile picture of a group or a user from your chat list. The card would show the info button next to the contact name and no longer show the profile picture of the contact or group you are looking at in the default square shape.

whatsapp profile

WABetaInfo reported that the feature should be in version but beta testers on that version are yet to see the feature.

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