WhatsApp is Testing a Feature that Shows the Estimated Time of Arrival for Sharing Files

WhatsApp is working on a new feature which will show users an estimated time while sharing files. Read along to know more about this feature.
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WhatsApp has been discovered to be testing a feature that would allow users to see the expected time of arrival (ETA) while transferring files over the instant messaging service. According to reports, the new functionality is now under beta testing for Android, iOS, and Web users. It comes in handy when users are sending huge files on WhatsApp. Separately, WhatsApp has been testing new sketching tools for iOS users in beta mode. Two new pencils appear to be included in the toolbox to aid improve drawing experiences.

According to WhatsApp beta tracker WABetaInfo, WhatsApp has begun spreading out the file-sharing ETA functionality for testers via beta releases version on Android, on iOS, and version 2.2209.3 on PCs. The functionality is claimed to have been accessible on PC since last month and is now being sent out to certain beta testers on Android and iOS. 

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If you’re sending a huge file to a group of people, being able to indicate the ETA is useful. Users may generally exchange files up to 16MB in size among all platforms using WhatsApp. However, it is claimed to be experimenting to expand that limit to up to 2GB, in accordance with Telegram’s 2020 announcement. According to WABetaInfo, the enhanced file size restriction is now only available to a few beta testers in Argentina.

Aside from the file-sharing timeline, WhatsApp is also testing new sketching tools on iOS. According to WABetaInfo, these functions are included in WhatsApp for iOS beta version, however not all beta testers can access them at this moment.

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Two pencils that have been sharpened above the default marker are among the new instruments. WhatsApp has also relocated the current blur tool to the bottom bar, where the two new pencils and the existing marker can be found. On the public edition of WhatsApp for the iPhone, the blur tool is located in the colour bar.

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WhatsApp is expected to make the new sketching tools available to Android beta users as well. The exact dates for when the new ETA function and sketching tools will be made accessible to users via a public release have yet to be announced.

According to reports, WhatsApp is also testing a feature with a select of its beta customers that allows them to share media files up to 2GB in size. According to a insider reports, the ability to transfer a large media file is being tested on both iOS and Android versions of WhatsApp. Users can currently transfer files of up to 100MB in size. 

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According to WABetainfo, which follows WhatsApp-related upgrades before they are released to the general public, a few beta users of WhatsApp for Android and WhatsApp for iOS in Argentina are now able to transfer media files up to 2GB in size. As per the report, WhatsApp beta versions,, and on Android, as well as beta version on iOS, are identified as compatible upgrades. Because it is a test, it is possible that the Meta-owned instant messaging company will not make the functionality available to users straight now.

If WhatsApp decides to make it available to all of its users, it might become a vital tool. As the camera resolutions of the latest smartphones improve, media files become larger, making it more difficult for consumers to exchange these files between people and devices. Users will be able to share huge files using WhatsApp without having to rely on other platforms or apps.

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