Whatsapp banned more than 18 lakh Indian accounts in January 2022

Whatsapp has banned more than 18 lakh Indian accounts in January 2022 alone. Read more to know more about it.
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WhatsApp has revealed in its latest compliance report for the month of January 2022 that Whatsapp banned more than 18 lakh Indian accounts in January 2022 alone. The meta owned instant Messaging app has stated that these accounts were violating WhatsApp’s guidelines and it got banned because of grievances sent by other users. Although this is not a new step taken by WhatsApp as earlier they have banned more than 17 lakhs WhatsApp accounts in India back in November 2021. Most of these accounts got banned because of violating WhatsApp’s guidelines. Although some accounts also got blocked after receiving grievances from other users.

Why has WhatsApp banned lakhs of accounts in India?

whatsapp banned lakhs of accounts in India
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In its report, WhatsApp has stated that they have banned most of the accounts because those accounts were violating WhatsApp guidelines. WhatsApp takes some strict action against any account/user who is spreading freak news or bullying someone, inciting violence, or sending hateful messages on their platform. If WhatsApp found any account that is doing such activities on their platform then they will ban that particular account immediately without giving any prior notice to the user.

Although WhatsApp has also stated that some accounts were also banned because other users reported about those accounts for inappropriate behavior, unwanted sexual advances, or for some kind of racist or casteist comments. Whatsapp has also banned those accounts that have been reported for giving threats or harassing someone over their platform. Between 1st January to 31st January 2022, WhatsApp got a total of 495 reports of such incidents from other users. Among those 495 reports WhatsApp has taken strict action against 24 accounts and banned them from their platform.

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How to report an account in WhatsApp?

If someone is sending you an appropriate message or threatening you or harassing you on WhatsApp then you can report that person’s account to WhatsApp, and there is a strong possibility that WhatsApp might ban that person’s account. If you don’t have any idea about how to report an account on WhatsApp then we are here to help you.

To report a person on WhatsApp you have to tap and hold on to any of their messages in the chat section and select the report option.

Users can also send emails togrievance_officer_wa@support.whatsapp.com. Apart from that, you can also send an email via a post to the India grievance officer. But do keep in mind that whenever you are sending an email you will have to add the full phone number of that particular contact with its country code.

If in case your WhatsApp account got banned by a wrong reporting then you can contact WhatsApp to sort out the matter.

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