What You Can Expect From Reliance Jio Cloud Gaming

What You Can Expect From Reliance Jio Cloud Gaming
What You Can Expect From Reliance Jio Cloud Gaming

If Reliance Jio’s claims are to be believed, India will get cloud gaming before the end of the year. During the Gamescom India Games Business Bootcamp Livestream, Ashish Gupta, General Manager, and Lead Games Ecosystem, Jio Network, revealed some intriguing details about the company’s gaming plans.

He also reported that the behavior of Indian gamers has improved, noting that users of the company’s Jio Phone feature phone range are playing 37 minutes a day (up from 22 minutes the year before).

“The same person plays games on his phone, on his computer, and on TV if he has time,” he says. “It’s on the other hand. Most new-age gamers aren’t limited to Xbox, PlayStation 4, PC, or handheld devices. They would play on any platform if given the opportunity. They recognize the [benefits] of some platforms, which allow them to play with friends, while others allow them to play alone and beat levels.”

What You Can Expect From Reliance Jio Cloud Gaming
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Gupta says that, in addition to evolving player behavior, India’s gaming demographics are more diverse than most people think.

“We see women and the elderly playing games on their cell phones or set-top boxes,” he says. “This is why we created Android set-top boxes that transform any TV into a smart TV, allowing you to play HTML5 and Android games without having to purchase a console, a high-end smartphone, or a large screen.

He also clarified why the company made sure that its Android-based set-top boxes could play video games.

He claims that “TV has a higher penetration than mobile because it is a family shared device.” “While mobile has a greater user base, TV is a family-shared medium where people can do a variety of things. That is why, in addition to smartphone and Jio Phone games, we are bringing in smart TV-based games.”

Jio Cloud Gaming for Smartphone, Set-Top Box, and Possibly, PC

He then hinted at what to expect from Jio’s cloud gaming plans, as well as a possible launch date.

“We’re also working on cloud gaming,” he says, referring to the ability to play a single game from a smartphone, a set-top box, and a PC with the same game content. “That’s what we’re aiming for when we launch 5G.”

We expect PC game developers to have to make sure their games fit with Jio’s infrastructure, and we wouldn’t be shocked if Jio’s cloud gaming programme begins with a focus on mobile and set-top boxes. Though it appears that Gupta’s greatest challenge is ensuring that the content is a good match for Jio.

“Technology is important, but we still need to make sure we have engaging content,” he says. “We can’t just throw things at them and expect them to work.”

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