What Is Valorant and How To Download It On PC For Free


In recent years, the first-person shooter genre has exploded in popularity. Though each FPS game has its own set of gameplay mechanics, the majority of them require a certain level of aiming ability and teamwork, elevating the genre even further. Counter-Strike and Call of Duty are two of the most successful first-person shooter franchises, and they’ve paved the way for several other new tactical FPS games.

What Is Valorant?

One of the most talked-about first-person shooter games right now is Valorant. Riot Games has developed and released a 5v5 character-based tactical shooter that is free to play. The video game was first released in closed beta earlier and has since exploded in popularity, attracting millions of users in a short period of time.

It was released on 2nd of June 2020 and is only available on Windows for now.

Valorant characters


Valorant’s 15 character has their own set of strengths and weaknesses, and it’s up to you to choose your pick. Each hero’s abilities and playstyle influence how a team approaches each battle on the battlefield, so learning each hero’s abilities and playstyle is crucial if you want to improve the chances of winning each match.

Duelist, Initiator, Sentinel, and Controller are the four classes that each character belongs to. Duelists are ideal for players who enjoy taking the battle to their opponents; Initiators are basically spies who can assist in determining the position of the opposing team; Sentinels are ideal for defensive players who tend to play support; and Controllers are experts at blocking sight lines and disrupting strategies.

Here is a list and role of all the characters in Valorant as of now

  • Brimstone – CONTROLLER
  • Jett – DUELIST
  • Phoenix – DUELIST
  • Sage – SENTINEL
  • Breach – INITIATOR
  • Raze – DUELIST
  • Cypher – SENTINEL
  • Sova – INITIATOR
  • Viper – CONTROLLER
  • Reyna – DUELIST
  • Killjoy – SENTINEL
  • Skye – INITIATOR
  • Astra – CONTROLLER
  • Yoru – DUELIST

Valorant maps


Valorant currently has five playable maps, each of which requires a different strategic approach. The following is the list:

  • Haven
haven minimap 2
Haven Map Layout
  • Split
split minimap 2
Split Map Layout
  • Ascent
ascent minimap 2
Ascent Map Layout
  • Bind
bind minimap 2
Bind Map Layout
  • Icebox
Icebox Map Layout

How to download Valorant?

Valorant is only available for Windows PC and can be downloaded from the game’s official website. Here’s how to get a free copy of Valorant:

Step 1: Visit the Valorant’s official website by clicking at the link here.

Step 2: Simply click the ‘Play Now’ button once you’ve arrived at the website.

Step 3: To access the download page, you must first log in to your Riot Games account.

Step 4: After logging in valorant setup will download to your desired location after that double click on the setup and it will start to download.

Step 5: After Valorant is downloaded on your system you need to restart the PC and you are ready to game.

In case you don’t already have a Riot Games account, you can also create one by signing up on the same page.

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