What Is IR Blaster And How To Use It Via Your Phone?

IR Blaster for smartphone
IR Blaster for smartphone

Good old tech still feels so relevant when you know how to make it work exactly the way devices work in 2021. Confused? Well, here is something that might make you feel like you own all the latest remote control devices without an actual ‘remote’! An IR Blaster is what can turn your phone into a universal remote to control almost every device around your home and office. 

But, what is an IR Blaster?

The ‘IR’ in IR blaster stands for infrared. This simply means that you can control appliances such as a TV or an AC on your mobile phone. However, back in time, IR blaster was commonly seen in mobiles as compared to 2021 automated devices. So if you have a phone that has an IR blaster, you can easily send commands to control your TV, stereo, set-up box or even your air conditioner which are compatible with IR remotes. These commands are sent via infrared rays. Cool isn’t it?

What are the advantages of using an IR blaster?


The biggest advantage of using an IR blaster is that you get saved from undergoing complicated Bluetooth pairing processes. This also lets you  use older devices that don’t offer Bluetooth or wireless connections. All in all, it is a user-friendly technology that anyone can take benefit of. Like any other remote control device, the user can operate and handle all the devices in the room sitting at one place. IR blaster can also be paired with  computer applications like EyeTV and RealBasic. Talking about the power supply, it doesn’t need any external source for energy. It is self-powered from the device it is connected to, say your PC. 

How is IR Blaster used via phone? 


Mobile giants such as Samsung and HTC have more or less dumped IR technology. You may still find this in Chinese phones. To know whether or not your smartphone supports or has  IR built into it, do a google search or check for a small rounded hole around your phone. If you find the IR indicator, that simply means it has both an IR transmitter and a receiver in place. 

With a simple application, you can it all. Some of the smartphones such as Huawei, Poco, Redmi or Xiaomi may have a pre-installed application on the mobile phone. If not, you can install a similar one from the AppStore. The application may give you options to customize the controls according to your convenience. Another two ways to convert your smartphone into a universal IR remote includes, getting a 3.5mm IR blaster or using an IR blaster that works over Bluetooth or WiFi. Such a 3.5mm IR blaster can work over a distance of up to 15 meters, all it requires is a dedicated app to control the devices. Secondly, you can purchase an Orvibo Allone, that connects your phone over WiFi. This way you can pair your phone with other 15 home appliances or devices and control them like a pro. 

The bottom line is that you can convert any smartphone or computer into a universal remote control. 

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