What If India Drafts Right To Repair Bill After Joe Biden

India Right to Repair rule Joe Biden
Right to Repair Rule in India

According to Bloomberg’s report, US President Joe Biden will order FTC (Federal Trade Commission) to draft a bill to prevent manufacturers from limiting consumer’s ability to repair their devices in local shops and self-repair.

Manufacturers like Apple, Microsoft and others do not allow their consumers to get their device repaired other than authorized centers which results in costly repairs which are not feasible for many.

How Does It Affect Consumers?

The main purpose of this bill is to get the repair cost cheaper and feasible for farmers and low-wage workers. Not only mobile devices but also products like tractors, cranes, etc which require proprietary tools and not accessible by third-party repair centers.

It is expected to go live in few days and the way it is designed is expected to boost competition in the economy and low-cost services for the American citizens.

What are the Consequences?

Tech companies & manufacturers also warned that giving access to hardware and software to third parties could endanger Americans from properly installed batteries on electric devices and some heavy machinery parts which could bypass environmental safety measures.

What if it comes to India?

In India, as of now, there are already many third-party repairing centers playing a major role in providing cheap services for the consumers but the problem is with the quality of service being provided either they use poor quality parts or they do a rough job.

If a similar type of bill gets passed in India we can expect some improvement in the quality of repairs and the parts being used, not only this but we can also expect cheaper options for low-wage workers and farmers here in India.

There are many zones in the country where major brands haven’t set up a service center for their zonal userbase and that problem can be solved by this bill which gives direct access to manufacturer’s parts and services.

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