How To Convert JPG to PDF File In All Devices


Before knowing how to convert a JPG file into a PDF. One should know, what is the difference between the two formats? and Why you want to convert a file from JPG to PDF?

JPG is the most primary format for watching images on a different device and is also a compressed file and which can be stored, loaded, and shared quickly and ideal file size for posting photographs online. But on the negative side, JPG files look blocky and pixelated when they are zoomed in. Whereas a PDF file provides a more high-quality image giving a more pleasant visualization. So for printing, any document or image PDF is the ideal format as it brings out a replica of the image. Both the file format are easy to manage can be shared and loaded quickly.

Convert JPG into PDF online 

iLovePDF 2
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There are many websites available to convert JPG into PDF but the best what we thought is “ ilovepdf “ as it works equally well in iPhone, Android mobile phone and window and macOS Laptop. Steps to convert will be the same for every device which are:

  • Go to the ilovepdf website and among the various options select JPG to PDF 
  • Click on the “ Select JPG images “ and Upload/Drag or Drop the image you want to convert. (You can upload multiple files at once too and create a combined PDF file)
  • After Uploading the file make the necessary adjustment you want regarding margin or anything else.
  • Click on “Convert to PDF” and download JPG into a PDF file on your device.

Convert JPG into PDF on Android Phones and iPhone 

google photos has the ability of recognising photo content automatically generating albums animating similar photos to quick videos and more
Image Credit: The Economic Times

As almost all Android phones come with a preloaded Google Photos App, which is a great app and also allows you to convert JPG to PDF offline, and that too free. Steps to convert in Google Photos are 

  • Go on Google Photos App
  • Open the photo you want to convert in PDF
  • Click on Three Dot on the top right corner and search for the PRINT option
  • Click on PRINT
  • Click on the down arrow to save the image as a PDF

Convert JPG into PDF on Windows 10

Here we are going to use Microsoft Photos

  • Open the image you want to convert
  • Press Ctrl + P or click on Print from the top right corner of the screen
  • Click on PRINTER and now click on “Microsoft Print to PDF” from the dropdown menu
  • Make the necessary adjustment you want regarding margin or anything else.
  • Click on SAVE and save the PDF file on your device

Convert JPG into PDF on macOS 

Here we are going to use the inbuilt application “ Preview” this application doesn’t allow you to convert multiple JPG files into PDF but it’s a great free and offline way to convert a JPG file into a PDF. Steps for that are:

  • Open an Image in your Mac
  • Click on File in the top Left corner of the menu bar, Select Export as PDF 
  • Select the folder in which you want to save and enter the name of the file and click on Save.

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