Where To Watch Google Pixel 6 Launch Event?

Pixel Fall Launch
Pixel Fall Launch

There is no denying that the Google Pixel 6 lineup has got all of us excited, and the launch day is finally here. Google has named the event “PIXEL FALL LAUNCH”, scheduled for 19 October 2021, 10:00 am PT/10:30 pm IST.

Google first officially introduced these devices back in August, where they shared some images of the devices and surprised everyone by announcing their in-house SoC, “Tensor.” Now, as the devices are frequently making headlines, we almost know everything about them, like significant specifications and higher charging speeds, and it’s also on display in an NYC store. You can even download the Pixel 6 wallpapers in light and dark themes if that is not enough.

Google Pixel 6
Tensor SoC

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The “PIXEL FALL LAUNCH” event will be live on Google’s official YouTube channel.

Just subscribe and turn on notifications to be notified as soon as the event goes live. Once you’ve subscribed and turned on notifications, as all events go, you will also get a reminder a couple of hours before the live stream.

The Google Pixel 6 devices have been leaked and teased so much that the hype created around the launch of these devices is in abundance. The Google Pixel 6 is speculated to launch at USD 599, and at that price, it is a steal.

How excited are you for the Google Pixel 6 lineup? And, do you plan on getting a Google Pixel 6 or a Google Pixel 6 Pro? Let us know in the comments below, and until then, stay tuned to Oyprice and subscribe to our YouTube channel for regular news and updates.

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