Vivo Filed a Patent for Flip Camera

Vivo Filed a Patent for Flip Camera
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Smartphone companies are experimenting with several different solutions as we enter the era of devices with different and unique camera modules. The latest clue as to what the future holds comes from a Vivo patent for a design that looks like a Flip camera Module (Like Asus Zenfone 6 & Samsung Galaxy A80) – an outward hinge at the top and rotating at a 180-degree angle. It’s still a mystery as to how the flip camera will open- is it motorized or controlled via a motor?

The patent has appeared at WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization) with sketches from all sides of the camera module, revealing vivo plans to put a primary camera and a secondary camera along with a LED flash.

Vivo smartphone with Flip camera

Vivo smartphone with Flip camera

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Furthermore, we can say that the company’s decision to patent this unique design indicates that the device might be close to becoming commercially ready in the next few months. In the Smartphone manufacturing industry companies try out a variety of various designs, but just a small percentage of them make it to us. However, as we get past the same old camera modules, it’s encouraging to see that mobile firms aren’t lacking innovative ideas.

Previously, Vivo has patented a smartphone with a detachable camera that can fly into the air for beautiful remote shots. The camera can be detached from the smartphone, after which it can fly through the air to take the most creative photos from different perspectives. To know more about the smartphone with w flying camera click here.

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