Scoop! Vivo Could be Working on an Earbud Case with Display

Vivo earbuds case with flexible display

Vivo Could be Working on an Earbud Case with Display – Vivo is working on some interesting gadget concepts lately. This is evident from the patents that the company is filing. It recently filed a patent of a triple foldable phone with an iPod-like design. Now the brand seems to be working on an earbuds case with a touchscreen display on it.

Today, we manage to unearth a concept patent by Vivo that showcases an earbuds casing with a flexible touchscreen display and a USB Type-C port for charging. The display allows users to add widgets to the screen. Have a look at the renders below.

The concept of adding a display isn’t new as there are plenty of earbuds cases with a LED panel that showcases battery life, time, date, etc. But, this would be the first-ever casing to integrate a fully functional touchscreen display on an earbuds case.

The patent images showcase some of the features of the display. We can see a calendar, music controller, weather, notification center, time, and temperature widget options available on the device. However, we believe there could be more options available.

It could be attractive when you’re outdoor and can operate the display as and when needed. Since this is a patent filing, we are unsure if this product would ever make it to production. But there is no denying that this indeed is an interesting choice of design and will definitely be a head-turner if releases!

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