Users Will Be Able To Co-Author Tweets With Other Users On Twitter

Twitter is going to launch new feature which will allow users to users to co-author tweets with other users on Twitter.
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Twitter has recently been busy developing and integrating new features. Some improvements are only available to Twitter Blue members, while others are available to both free and paid users. Twitter was started as just another platform to share information in 140 characters is now much more than just a platform to share information. Over the period of time, Twitter has added many new features such as now users can attend and engage in live chatrooms, send voice notes to each other, and many more.

Now Twitter is working on another new feature which is basically for collaboration. There are situations where we feel like we want to tweet about something for ourselves and on behalf of someone else also. As Twitter is working on a new feature that will allow users to co-author tweets with other users on Twitter. Although at the moment we don’t have any idea about when this feature will be made available.

Alessandro Paluzzi who is a reverse engineer and a leakster has published his information on Twitter. However, Twitter is working on this co-author feature since December last year. That’s why now many people are becoming skeptical about whether Twitter will ever launch this feature or not.

According to Alessandro’s tweet, we can see that Twitter might allow two users to collaborate on one tweet. Although there will be conditions for co-authoring the tweet. Like in the beginning users will have to send an invitation to co-authoring the tweet, and that person should have a public tweeter account. Once your co-authored tweet is published it will be on both person’s timelines. So that followers of both the users can see that tweet.

Not only that but the co-authored tweet will also display the name of both the Twitter account. However, Twitter already allows users to tag other users on photos and videos. Although the tagged photos or videos do not appear on the timeline of the other person.

If the co-authoring feature goes live on Twitter then will you use it? Let us know in the comments below.

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