2 Foldable Apple samples pass the Foxconn Durability Test: Reports

Apple fold

After Samsung and Huawei, Apple could possibly be entering into the foldable smartphone arena this year. According to the recent reports, which states that two prototypes have already passed the Foxconn durability test.

As per the report of UDN, two distinct foldable devices has been passed through its durability test by the supplier of the Cupertino based giant. Both the variants incorporates distinctive features and folding mechanism which is quite similar to the Galaxy Z flip and Galaxy Z fold 2. Both the variants folds differently, one bends horizontally whereas the other vertically.

Apple x fold

Quality control and durability are the two crucial aspects that Apple designs have successfully passed, in turn proving to be the biggest launch challenge to Samsung’s first foldable device, the Galaxy Fold. The reports also claim that only one of the model is intended for mass production, the other would probably be discarded somewhere down the line. The variants are expected to be using Samsung’s flexible OLED panels, the same as Galaxy Z flip and Galaxy Z fold 2.

Unfortunately, we can not exactly pinpoint when the company might actually launch these collapsible devices, but it is unlikely to see a glimpse of it until late 2022. It is also considered that the company would ship an iOS/iPadOS hybrid software on these variants to bring the working of both the tablet and smartphone.

Note that the above information are yet to be confirmed, so just stay tuned to know all the arriving updates!

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