Twitter is Developing More Tweet Responses Identical as Facebook

Twitter Tweet Responses Feature
Twitter Tweet Responses Feature

Twitter is currently considering adding more response options to its platform. This secret information comes from Jane Manchun Wong, the same researcher who has lately leaked information on other Twitter features such as its verification process Tip Jar, and Blue” premium membership. There’s even a sneak peek at what these new reactions may look like. Only the “Hmm” and “Haha” reactions have their own symbols at the moment. The “Like” icon is used for “Cheer” and “Sad“.

The function has allegedly been in testing for at least a couple of weeks, which is unsurprising considering that on a site like Twitter, each new user interaction must be carefully evaluated. Something might always be exploited for bullying or harassment, which might lead to a problematic scenario.

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With new features like premium Super Follows and the Communities feature, Twitter has been on a feature expansion frenzy recently. Twitter just opened up its voice-only Spaces function to additional users this month, as well as launching paid Ticketed Spaces. Overall, a fascinating and continuous series of cautious but bold movements.

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