Twitter Spaces is Now Live: How To Use It?

Twitter Spaces Goes Live

In a blog post on Monday, Twitter revealed that its Spaces feature would be available to all users with at least 600 followers. Spaces is a speech-only audio chat feature that allows a host to broadcast voice chats with other Twitter users. Audience members may either listen or participate in the discussion.

Twitter Spaces, like Fleets, are open to the public and appear at the top of the timeline. It will only appear if anyone you follow has begun a Space. Then you can listen in on the talk.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to start your own Space.

  1. The Host is the one who creates a room. On iOS, you have two options for starting a space as a Host: Long click the Tweet Compose icon on your Home timeline, then tap the new Spaces icon on the far left (multiple circles forming a diamond shape). Alternatively, in Fleets, tap on your profile picture, scroll to the far right, and tap Spaces.
  2. Since Spaces are open to the public, everyone, even those who do not follow you, can become a Listener. Listeners may be welcomed into a Space by sending them a DM with a connection to the Space, tweeting a link, or sharing a link elsewhere.
  3. At any given time, up to 11 people (including the Host) can talk in a room. When you create a new room, you’ll have the choice to name it and start it.
  4. The Host may invite Listeners to become Speakers by tapping on the icon and adding speakers or tapping on a person’s profile picture inside a Space and adding them as a Speaker. By clicking on the Request icon, listeners may ask the Host for permission to talk.
  5. The Host will enter with their Mic off and be the only Speaker in the room while building a Space. Start your space when you’re ready.
  6. Toggle Allow mic access to on to give Speakers mic access (speaking ability).
  7. To allow captions, you must follow the prompts as the Host. This will allow those who require captions to participate in the conversation.
  8. As a Listener, you can turn on or off captions (if Hosts/Speakers have enabled them) by turning on or off the View Captions toggle in your Spaces settings.
  9. Begin talking in your Personal Space.
  10. If you’re hosting, make sure to share the link to your space on Twitter so that others can join in. 

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