Twitter is Working to Fix Disappearing Tweets Issue


Twitter is now working on fixing one of their biggest issues or bugs which was about disappearing messages. Many Twitter users have earlier complained that tweets will sometimes disappear from their view when the user switches back to the Twitter app or desktop website and start reading a Tweet. The timeline is said to refresh itself, resulting in the disappearing tweets. Twitter has announced that they will be pushing out updates that should fix this problem very soon.

@TwitterSupport on the platform said “We know it’s a frustrating experience, so we’re working on changing it.” According to the Twitter Support page, over the next two months, the company will be rolling out updates to the way tweets are presented so they won’t disappear.

Twitter is really focusing on improving the experience of consumers a lot and has been updating the app very frequently. Recently, the platform got an entire redesign with a new color scheme and font family. They are also making people more comfortable interacting and sharing on social networks. The social privacy tools include details like a person’s list of followers, the tweets they like, and whether their accounts are public or private.

The platform is also working on a new Safety Feature that will block a user’s account upon sending offensive replies or harmful language.

Twitter is improving and refining its user experience a lot and is becoming a better and safer place for people.

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