Twitter is Experimenting with a Notification Banner for Suspended and Locked Accounts


Twitter is testing out a new way to ensure that users are aware of account penalties, with new prompts that will be displayed to some impacted users whenever they open the app.

As you can see here, if your account is ever suspended or locked, you will be shown a new notification at the top of your timeline clearly stating such, so there are no unexpected surprises when you go to tweet or access your account features.

The social media behemoth is testing a banner that indicates whether a user’s account is permanently suspended or locked. The announcement was made in a tweet on Tuesday by the Twitter Support account.

The increased transparency measures may help reduce confusion, while also serving as a reminder of how long a suspension is in effect, without requiring you to manually search for that information. The explainers here also clearly outline what each penalty means, and there’s a link to the suspension appeal submission process.

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Twitter has been working to increase transparency in its restriction and penalty enforcement processes, including more explanations of what happened in each instance and what options users have in response.

Twitter added new explainers on Tweets that violate its political, COVID-19, and synthetic and manipulated media rules last November, and earlier this month, it began sharing more information on certain tweets that have been fact-checked or have otherwise raised concerns.

Each measure is consistent with Twitter’s broader effort to increase transparency and assist users in understanding its specific rules and processes in order to reduce frustrations in such a process.

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