Twitter Blue, a Paid Subscription, to Launch at $2.99/Month

Image: Android Police

Twitter is reportedly developing a new service that will include features such as Undo Tweets and bookmark collections. The features could be included in the forthcoming paid subscription service dubbed “Twitter Blue.”

Twitter Blue would cost $2.99 (approximately $219), according to app researcher Jane Manchun Wong, who discovered the feature first. Twitter, according to Wong, is developing a multi-tier subscription model. According to The Verge, the most expensive subscription plan can offer a less cluttered experience as well as newer features.

Twitter has not verified the feature, but Wong’s predictions about upcoming and in-development features are generally right.

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It’s worth noting that Twitter has already stated that it is looking into subscription options for its website. Last year, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey hinted at proposals to charge users for some “aspects” of the service.

Twitter has added a few monetisation-focused solutions to its plans in recent weeks. For example, it announced the launch of Super Follows, which will enable Twitter users to charge their followers for exclusive and additional content. It recently introduced a Tip Jar feature that allows users to donate to content creators.

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Twitter has made a few acquisitions to strengthen the network of content creators. Twitter purchased the Scroll news reader service earlier this month. Scroll collaborates with a small number of publishers, including BuzzFeed News, the Atlantic, and USA Today. Paying customers can access stories from these publishers through the website. The stories are ad-free, and Scroll splits income with the publishers.

Previously, Twitter purchased Revue, a newsletter startup with the aim of making money from subscriptions.

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