You Can Now Watch Twitch Via Nintendo Switch


Nintendo fans have been waiting for more media entertainment apps to be added to the Switch eShop since it was first released back in March 2017. Only a few entertainment apps such as YouTube, Hulu, and Funimation are officially available on the platform.

However, not all hope is lost as there’s now an official Twitch app for the Nintendo Switch. The twitch app can be downloaded for free from the switch eShop and allows you to watch Twitch in both docked or handheld mode.

The app has a pretty straightforward and easy to use user interface divided into three tabs – Home, Browse and Search. The home tab recommends streams for you to watch, a Browser tab allowing you to look for streams by game or genre, and a Search tab to search specific games or your favourite video streamer.

Twitch on nintendo switch screenshot

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The only caveats are that the app is only useful for watching streams, and you can’t use it to stream your gameplay. It didn’t come as a surprise because the Nintendo Switch doesn’t feature a powerful SoC.

On the other hand, you also cannot see a stream’s chat on your Switch’s screen or a TV screen, while you can still scan a QR code on your phone, allowing you to access the conversations on your phone.

Overall, this seems like an excellent step, hoping that we might also see other streaming platforms such as Netflix or Disney+ being made officially available on the Nintendo Switch in the near future, which earlier required modding the console to run an Android Operating System.

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