Translucent Apple AirPods Prototype Surface Online

Translucent Apple AirPods
Credit: Giulio Zompetti

Apple AirPods need no introduction. Yes, they look dull, sound alright for the price but offer unmatched convenience. Thanks to Giulio Zompetti, who collects rare Apple devices, we have images of translucent AirPods, a 29W translucent Apple charger, and an EVT prototype of a first-generation iPhone.

AirPods, while being only decent sounding, Truly Wireless Earbuds (TWS stands for True Wireless Stereo but is also used as an acronym for Bluetooth Earphones), have set a benchmark in the TWS industry. Why is it so? It is because the convenience AirPods offer is unmatched. Yes, this might be true only for Apple users, but that is one of the plus sides of getting yourself invested in Apple’s Ecosystem.

While these are a good set of TWS overall, Apple only sells them in white colour. And now we have prototype images of translucent AirPods, which make them look better and show internal parts their functionality. 

It is implausible that Apple will launch translucent AirPods, and these might be prototypes used to test the first generation of AirPods. The translucent design is meant to help engineers understand the structure of the product and spot mistakes, etc. The only translucent TWS up for sale is the Nothing ear(1).

Giulio also shared images of a 29W translucent Apple charger which, in my opinion, looks great, and then there are images of an EVT prototype of a first-generation iPhone. We have seen brands play with translucent back designs. And it does look refreshing. While the industry is racing regarding software and hardware innovations, the design space seems pretty stagnant.

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