Top 5 Smart Fans to Buy in 2021

Top 5 Smart Fans to Buy in 2021
Choose the best smart fan for you.

With the advancement in technology day by day, everything is becoming smart. We’ve got smart watches, smart bulbs, smart fans, smart TVs, or even smart refrigerators!

If you’re looking to buy a new smart fan and are confused about choosing the right, you have come to the right place.

Before we dive right into the list of best smart fans to buy in 2021, let us first understand what exactly smart fans are and how do they work.

What are Smart Fans?

Smart fans are Internet of Things (IoT)-enabled fans that can be managed via smart apps, making our lives easier. The latest smart fans have smart remotes and include features such as speed control, timed mode, LED speed indications, and more. They don’t require a regulator and can be operated via different applications.

A central air conditioning system uses a lot of power, but on the other hand, smart fans use very little electricity and give excellent heat relief. A smart fan can help you battle the heat while also lowering your energy bills.

How Do Smart Fans Work?

Smart ceiling fans work similarly to traditional ceiling fans, only they know when to spin and when to keep the air still. This means you can select a predetermined temperature for the ceiling fan to adjust to, as well as a schedule for it to run on.

Occupancy sensors and geolocation settings in some of the more sophisticated versions ensure that it only spins when needed.

Smart ceiling fans, unlike traditional ceiling fans, work by Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, rather than a pull cord or wire in the wall. This means you may use your iOS or Android device to manage and program them to function according to a preset schedule even when you’re not at home.

Now that you know how smart fans work, let’s take a look at some of the best smart fans to invest in 2021.

Best Smart Fans to Buy in 2021

1. Luminous Audie 1200mm Smart Ceiling Fan (Alexa Supported)

Luminous Audie 1200mm Smart Fans
Luminous Audie 1200mm Smart Ceiling Fan

The Luminous Audie 1200mm Smart Ceiling Fan comes with Alexa support, meaning you can connect your Alexa device with the fan and access it. The blade size of the fan is 1200 mm with 380 RPM speed and 230 CMM air delivery. Dimensions of the product are 56 cm x 30 cm x 26 cm, and the product’s weight is 5.38 kg. It comes with three blades and the number of speed settings is five. High-speed motors provide a high rotational speed and allow for improved heat dissipation. The Operating Voltage is between 220V and 240V while the Power Consumption is 70 Watts. Also, you get a two-year manufacture warranty with the product from the time of purchase.

2. OTTOMATE Smart Shield Mosquito Repellent Fan 

OTTOMATE Smart Shield Mosquito Repellent Smart Fans

The OTTOMATE Smart Shield Mosquito Repellent Fan makes its way as the second product on our list. A Smart BLDC fan with built-in ultrasonic mosquito repellant.
You may pick between 14 different speeds with the remote. To keep mosquitos from recognizing human proximity, Smart Shield employs Piezoelectric Wave technology. As a consequence, they will avoid you and your family members. Smart BLDC is the way to go: it is the winner of the Best Air Flow Category. The Air Delivery is 245 CMM and saves 60 percent on electricity. The only fan in this category with an antimicrobial coating, plus, anti-dust coated with a unique coating that prevents dust from sticking to the surface; Booster Mode: 10% faster than the highest fan speed.

3. Orient Electric Aeroslim 1200mm BLDC motor Smart Ceiling Fan

Orient Electric Aeroslim 1200mm BLDC motor Smart Fans
Orient Electric Aeroslim 1200mm BLDC motor Smart Ceiling Fan

Next up is Orient Electric Aeroslim 1200mm BLDC motor Smart Ceiling Fan. Here are some of the highlights of the product: 40% Energy Savings – the yearly savings estimate is based on the assumption that four fans in a household run for eight hours a day, 365 days a year, at $6.50 per unit of energy.
Sweep: 1200 mm, 45 watts of power, 310 RPM, 240 CMM of air supply, Power factor greater than 0.98, and Service value greater than 6.

The Aeroslim fan is carefully built with inverter technology (super-efficient inverter motor), which saves 40% energy and contributes to a more sustainable future. The fan includes smart functions such as fan scheduling, fan time, turbo mode, sleep mode, breeze mode, and reverse rotation that can be controlled remotely and via a mobile app. The same app may be used by several fans.

Aero slim is compatible with smart home technology such as Alexa from Amazon and Google Assistant from Google. Scene switching light (dimmability) choice, eye comfort, and evenly diffused light.

Airflow is smooth and consistent, with minimal air-cutting noise. Blades are constructed of high-grade compounded polymers (Glass Filled ABS) and are completely rust-free. For increased power and air delivery, the blade profile was inspired by an aerodynamic design.

With this product, you get a two-year warranty which includes 1 motor, remote, shackle kit, telescopic cylinder assembly(2 downrods, plastic bush, sleeve, 1/4″ Bolt with nut), 3 sets of blades and the installation is completely free.

4. Atomberg Renesa Smart Ceiling Fan

Atomberg Renesa Smart + 1200 mm BLDC Motor with Remote 3 Blade Smart Fans
Atomberg Renesa Smart Ceiling Fan

The BLDC motor of the Atomberg Renesa Smart Ceiling Fan is extremely energy efficient, consuming only 28W at its maximum speed. Also, it is IoT-enabled, meaning support for Amazon Alexa, Google Home, and the Atomberg App may all be used to control the device. With each fan, you may save up to Rs 1500 per year on your power cost. Boost, Sleep, Speed Control, and Timer mode are all available on the smart remote. When compared to a regular induction fan, it lasts three times as long on an inverter battery; metallic finish with dust-resistant coating.

It has Inverter Stabilization Technology that Runs at the same speed even when the input voltage varies and an LED Speed Indicator that Can also be utilized as a night light.

5. Havells Carnesia i 1200mm Ceiling Fan

5. Havells Carnesia i 1200mm Ceiling Smart Fans
Havells Carnesia i 1200mm Ceiling Fan

The Carnesia i features a smart mode that detects humidity and temperature and changes the speed accordingly. Also, it offers Wi-Fi connectivity through the router at the customer’s house for IoT-enabled Smart fans with iOS and Android mobile phones.

Various modes are supported for a better user experience, including Smart Mode, Sleep Mode, Breeze Mode, and Schedule Mode. The Scheduler mode allows for automatic on/off. Using the app, you may turn on/off the fan based on the current time.

The technical details speak numbers: 390 revolutions per minute, producing 235 cubic meters of air per minute, 5-speed settings, through the app, you may set a timer for 2, 4, 6, or 8 hours.

The Multi-user access allows several users to control a single fan or a group of fans at the same time using the app. In the event of a power outage, a memory backup can be used to restore the fan’s previous operational condition. Also, premium IMD (In-mold design) designs on the body ring and trims are used for enhanced aesthetics.

Note: The price may vary depending on availability.

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