Top Apps collecting your personal data

Top apps collecting your personal data
Top apps collecting your personal data

Smartphones and apps are now a major part of our lives and make our daily routine complete. There are millions of apps available on application distribution platforms like Google Play Store and Apple App Store. From messaging, social media, trading platforms, games, banking, to entertainment platforms, apps now have come a long way that too without any upfront charges. But there’s always some hidden price to pay.

Apple recently revised its privacy policies, providing consumers with more details about how different applications use our data as well as more transparency about where our data is sent.

Apple's Transparency Policy
Apple’s Transparency Policy

According to pCloud’s study, 52% of all applications share the data with third parties who are either affiliated with the organisation that owns the application software or who pay a premium to access user data. Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn are the apps that capture the most personal info, with 79, 57, and 50 percent, respectively.

Social media platforms are the worst offenders for collecting your data for their own marketing


When it comes to sharing the data, though, Instagram is the worst offender, with sharing 79 percent of user data with third parties. Facebook, Instagram’s parent company, came in second place, selling 57 percent of user info, while LinkedIn and Uber Eats, each sells 50 percent.

Top 10 data sharing apps.
Top 10 data sharing apps.

The data that gets absorbed by these apps ranges from your date of birth, search history and preferences, location, contacts, email address, and access to the camera, and to the worst, access to the microphone.

The data is further shared by third parties for marketing and advertisement purposes. pCloud published a report stating the overall percentage of data each app is tracking and sharing with third parties for promotional activities.

Top Apps and percentage of data shared to third parties
Top Apps and percentage of data shared to third parties

With a growing number of mobile applications available at app stores and the improved capabilities of smartphones, our privacy and data are exposed to many apps and these apps are continuously tracking our activities even when we’re sleeping. Therefore, it’s important to choose apps that store minimum data, preventing anyone from accessing it without your permission. 

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