Top 7 Best Laptop Brands in India 2022

In this article we have listed top 7 best laptop brands in India 2022. Read along to know more about it.
top 10 best laptop brands in India 2022

The Laptop is a necessity for everyday life. Whether it is a student or a working professional, one cannot think to spend a day without having to use it. The need for a good laptop is a reality, and therefore, people always tend to buy a computer that will last longer. That’s why in this article we will talk about top 7 best laptop brands in India 2022. If you are confused about which Laptop brand to buy, we have some options you can go through. If you are looking to replace your old Laptop with a new one, then this article is indeed for you. These are some top 7 best laptop brands in India 2022 that you can consider for yourself.

Top 7 best laptop brands in India 2022:


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Apple has been successful in spreading its magic from the day it was founded. It started with the purpose of creating the best PC in the world. And now, after all these years, its computer’s sleek design, lightweight, and unique operating system have gained inexplicable popularity among consumers.


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Dell is one of those brands that has been successful in marking its place among the top technology company. It is an American company responsible for producing world-class laptops and other electronics gadgets. It is one of the best laptop brands in India which is suitable for both, with good and average income.


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HP or Hewlett-Packard Development Company is a USA-based company founded in 1939. Being one of the oldest and most trust-worthy companies in the world, it spreads its network worldwide. This company’s laptop is one of the best choices for people as it works on Windows, Linux, and Unix.


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Lenovo is an multinational technology company originates from China and dates back in the 1980s. It started competing with other technology companies when it first produced the ThinkPad laptops. From the day of its discovery, Lenovo has focused on making itself one of the leading companies in the world.



Asus was first founded with the idea of making smartphones. This brand was born in India. After trying its hand at smartphones, this company is now focusing on producing world-class PC in the world. With good battery life, Asus laptops are suitable and useful.


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Acer is a Taiwanese multination hardware and electronics company. It was at the pick of the Indian market in 2016. This brand is famous for staying up to date with its products. Acer has produced 2-in-one laptops/tablets. It has been growing by creating more useful products every day.


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When anyone talks about electronics gadgets or technology, one cannot forget to mention Samsung’s name. It has been producing the latest design laptops for a very long time now. Its sleek design and lightweight laptops have always attracted consumers.

Considering the growing popularity of laptops or personal computers, it is very important to buy a good quality laptop that lasts longer. Though the name of the brands does not end here, this list can be very useful for those who are thinking about buying a laptop soon.

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