Top 5 Twitter Hacks To Get More Engagement


Twitter is the microblogging and social networking website having around 330 million monthly active users of which 145 million uses it regularly. Every social media platform has its kind of audience such as Instagram or Snapchat have captured the young crowd wherein on Twitter almost 63% of users are between the age of 35 to 65. This is the major plus point of Twitter because people get to interact or read candid reaction from the businessman or Celebrity on Twitter and present their view to them by way of Retweeting

After knowing this it becomes extremely important to know how to utilize Twitter to its maximum level. Here I am sharing some tips which users tend to forget while making a Twitter engagement strategy

1.Quality post – Everyone should know that Twitter is a place to post about news and trending subjects. It only allows 240 characters in a tweet so one should know how to convey a message wisely. Focus on creating viral tweets that are relatable, funny, and clickable something that people like to retweet.

2. Tweeting consistently – It is said that to catch the eyeballs one should tweet at least 3 – 5 times per day.

3. Time your tweets right. – Twitter is all about timing, so make sure you tweet when your followers are around. One doesn’t want to tweet when all his/her followers are asleep. It said that on average 6000 tweets are tweeted every second and the average life-span of a tweet is around 30min. So if you tweet late at night your tweet might be buried before everyone wakes up. Check Buffer’s report on the best time to tweet.

Early in the morning and an hour before bedtime is the golden hours for Twitter. It is mostly because people check their social media early in the morning before going to work and before they go to bed.

4. Relevant hashtag- Hashtags are really important on Twitter. Use at least three hashtags per Tweet and keep it quite relevant and Keep an eye on what’s trending as well. Be part of the conversation. Tweet about those topics and use trending hashtags.

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5. Make use of images, videos, polls, questions – Like any other social media platform Twitter also provides many features to attract people towards your content, and like people say to increase productivity one should know how to use the available resources most efficiently. Keep eye on all updates Twitter is bringing to remain ahead in the market. Even though Twitter has a character limit one can always put a picture and a picture conveys 1000 words from it. Use colorful infographics to catch people’s attention. You should know to get people’s attention when he/she scrolling through the screen.

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Tools you can use to manage your Twitter account

  1. Hootsuite- To manage your Twitter campaigns
  2. Narrow – Helps to build a targeted audience on Twitter
  3. SocialBro – Provides analytics to grow and monetize your Twitter followers
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