Top 5 Most Awaited Anime of Spring 2021 (Pt II)


The spring season of anime for 2021 has already started, but there are quite a few shows that are still yet to air. Spring 2021 looks like it’ll be filled with interesting anime for fans to enjoy. Fans everywhere are eagerly waiting to watch these shows. It’s a long season with plenty of shows people have been waiting for.

In today’s list, we’ll be looking at the upcoming anime shows set to release this season that is sure to bring the hype. So welcome back to animeology, and today, we’ll show you the second part of the Top 10 most awaited anime to watch for spring 2021

5. How Not to Summon a Demon Lord Omega


One of the most underrated Izakaya to come out in the last few years, say what you will about Diablo’s antics not exactly breaking the mold, it’s still ticked plenty of beloved boxes.

Anxious youth reincarnated as an OP character, a growing circle of endearingly busty waifus and plenty of one-sided battles, that never failed to entertain. Hopefully, Diablo ups his game this time around and really shows what a demon Lord can do that and actually makes a move on Shura before it’s too late.

4. To Your Eternity

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Considering this was crafted by the same person who did A silent voice, yeah, we’re expecting this one to blind us with its feelings. Following the journey of a shape-shifting entity, the series looks said to steal the show in terms of spellbinding visuals.

But as even a casual fan will tell you this one isn’t so much an emotional punch to the gut as it is a pile driver. We’ve got a deathly ill boy, his pet wolf, and a myriad of cultures set to show the shapeshifter every shade of the human experience, and countless of the observations that set on making us weep.

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3. Eden zero


It’s a fairy tale in space, well sort of. The latest of Hiro Mashima’s works to get itself an adaptation, the faces may look the same, but this time, the magic has been swapped out for spaceships.

Raised by robots all his life, Shiki finds his world expanded to cosmic proportions as he finally gets the chance his leave his home planet, setting off on a grand adventure across the cosmos.

Given how this is supposed to take the best of fairy tale and rave masters actions, while also smoothing over any of its imperfections, we’re excited to see just how high it can reach.

2. My Hero Academia – Season Five


Seems like only yesterday that Deku was beating the beak-off overhaul and Endeavor was scorching his way to the title of number one hero. In what’s become a Mon tradition, the next-gen caped crusaders are back for their fifth outing.

While we’ve still got a million questions in regards to what’s happening with Deku’s quick, and the other users of one for all, we’ve got class one A and class one B’s battle royale to look forward to. Finally a chance with someone to be monomers facing.

1. Shaman King


An unsung hero of the Shounen genre now reincarnated into modern times with all the flash that comes with it. For those who didn’t grow up with this retro action fest and its hauntingly terrible dub, you’re in for a treat.

Focusing on the laid-back sword-swinging Shaman Yoh and his crew, we have high hopes that this adaptation will recreate the Shaman tournaments and all its iconic battles in glorious detail. Not to mention finally give it the canon conclusion it deserves. We’ve waited long enough and it’s finally here!

Some of our honorable mentions


download 2

Fruits Basket: The final

download 3

The World Ends with You

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