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Top 5 Landing Spots on Free Fire’s Bermuda Map

Landing spots are important because they brace players for the game's later events.

Table of Contents

  • Top 5 Landing Spots on Free Fire’s Bermuda Map
  • Which are the top 5 High-Loot Locations on the Bermuda Map of Free Fire in 2021?
    • 1 – Sentosa
    • 2 – Hangar
    • 3 – Mars Electric
    • 4 – Cape Town
    • 5 – Shipyard
  • Conclusion

Best Spots to land on FreeFire Bermuda Map

The game at present offers three different maps – Bermuda, Purgatory, and Kalahari, with only the former two available in the ranked mode. (You must be level 5 to play the other map.) As a result, it is the “most crowded” map: anybody who has just started playing will hop in. Knowing the playground, as with all Battle Royale games, gives you a significant edge, and that is just what we can do in this analysis. Below you can find all of the necessary details about the Bermuda charts, as well as all of the hotspots. Let’s get started by demonstrating that this is a large island.

Bermuda, like any other battle royale map, has a few common hot drop spots that are extremely dangerous for newcomers and rank pushers. These places have good loot, but they draw a lot of players who like early combat. So, some newcomers die at the very beginning of the game due to the lack of information about high-risk locations and information about good loot locations.

This article shares the Top 5 Landing Spots on Free Fire’s Bermuda Map.



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Mars Electric

Cape Town


The above locations are best for players who want to rank push. We all know that there are many places where lots of people will land so the players have to avoid those landing spots in the Bermuda map.


I hope that if you are a newcomer, then you should definitely visit these Top 5 Landing-Spots on the Bermuda Map of Free Fire.

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