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Top 5 Juiciest Rumors about iPhone 13 You Should’ve Known so Far

Rumors have it all that iPhone 13 will be announced sometime in mid-September! Like really?

With the launch of the Apple iPhone 13 approaches, we see plenty of rumors about what will the iPhone 13 look like, the iPhone 13 release date, and more popping up everywhere. But, of all the words, the most popular ones are revolving around the iPhone 13 concept. Will we see a pink color variation? Is it coming with a Lightning port? Will there be a slimmed-down notch? 

Well, according to Ming-Chi Kuo, a well-known analyst, we should be expecting these models in the market or to-be-launched this year: 

  • iPhone 13
  • iPhone 13 Mini
  • iPhone 13 Pro, and 
  • iPhone 13 Pro Max

Identical to the iPhone 12 series, so we can expect Apple to do the same with iPhone 13 series, we will learn more about the upcoming flagship in the near future as we get closer to the launch timeline. But for now, let’s look at the Top 5 rumors that have been railing about iPhone 13. 

Top 5 iPhone 13 rumors

Release Date 

New iPhone 13 Release Date
New iPhone 13 Release Date

iPhone 13 release date hasn’t been officially or unofficially announced. However, Apple’s April report suggests that the phone’s new chips were running ahead of the manufacturing schedule. Not that we can guess upon the correct day, date, or month of release, but approximating it to previous iPhone releases, there can be an estimation about around the time of when the Apple iPhone’s event will happen. 

For the first time in eight years, iPhone didn’t launch any of its flagship phones due to the course of coronavirus in 2020- as the manufacturing was delayed. Albeit talking about 2021, analyst Ming-Chi Kuo predicts that iPhone 13 will be unveiled sometime around September. So far, here is what he anticipates: 

  • Apple likes to plan its events, usually on Tuesdays or Wednesdays.
  • iPhone 13 release date could be typically one and a half weeks from Apple’s announcement.
  • New iPhones release on Fridays, that is, somewhere near to the third week of every September. 

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Apple’s iPhone 13 is expected to come with a similar price range, as the iPhone 12 series. The four variations of the iPhone 12 had some variations depending upon the carriers and storage configurations. As we’re not envisioning any major upgrades in the coming flagship phone, thus analysts are predicting a similar price structure as of 2021. However, there are speculations that the upcoming flagships might proceed lower, reasoning the economic downturn. Therefore, looking at iPhone 12’s retail price, you can predict iPhone 13’s price. 


iPhone 13 pink
iPhone 13 Bubblegum pink

The biggest question is, “what will the iPhone 13 look like?” The latest rumors from McRumors illustrate that iPhone 13 can have a resized camera bump, thus, indicating a few camera upgrades. In addition, there is an increase in comparison to the thickness of iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro. 

The Twittersphere was buzzing with the 3D-printed mockups of pretty bubble gum Pink color from a Japanese blog Macotakara. Although, there is no official claim from Apple about new color variations yet. Furthermore, rumors are spreading that the 2021 iPhone 13 will have a smaller notch. In the leaked mockup from Macotakara, they’re estimating a 26.8mm shrink in the notch compared to iPhone 12. 


With an upgraded, large bump camera iPhone 13 is rumored to have some fancy tricks and features. As per the 2020 Pro Max’s camera, the iOS crowd to lidar. Also, the iPhone 13 series might see a better zoom quality camera. It could include a periscope camera with a wider zoom range, somewhat similar to Samsung’s Galaxy S20 Ultra and now the S21 Ultra. That being said, the rumors say that the upcoming flagship may improve the low-light photography features and upgrade it for excellent quality night mode photos. The analysts predict a wide aperture – f1.8, instead of standard f2.4, ultimately hitting the chances of a superior sensor and superior nighttime picture quality. 

Lightning port

The iPhone 13 concept reveals the future of the iPhone with portless charging. Doomsday already came down when in 2020, iPhone’s charging port and the USB-C port headset blocked user experiences. Was this done to increase the market for their AirPods? Well, that is up to Apple’s planning, designing, and marketing strategy altogether. Anyways, we cannot be certain about this new lightning port, but Kuo suggest that the iPhone 13 Pro Max is likely to have completely portless charging. 

Till then iPhone fans, you only have to wait for Apple to make official announcements for the upcoming flagship series! 

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