Top 5 Best Free Fire Bundles Provided by Garena

In this article we will talk about top 5 best Free Fire Bundles provided by Garena. These Bundles doesn’t cost any diamonds either.
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The primary source of attraction in Garena Free Fire have always been character bundles since the popular BR shooter started introducing in-game collectibles. Over time alongside the price tags which they carry in the game, the designs of costume bundles have also been upgraded. 

In order to acquire the favorite bundles usually players have to pay hundreds of diamonds in Free Fire and that is the reason that only specific sections of users go for the outfits. However players can also receive costume bundles that Garena releases for free without employing real currency. 

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Top 5 Bundles in Free Fire that don’t Cost Diamonds 

Blush Flush (BTS Collab) by Kim Seok-jin (Jin)
  • Blush Flush (Top)
  • Blush Flush (Bottom)
  • Blush Flush (Shoes)
  • Blush Flush (Facepaint)
  • Blush Flush (Head)

These are among the best outfit sets available in Free Fire. The theme bundles of the BTS is one of the seven outfit sets that are redeemable in the game with the help of BTS crystals.

Through collaborative events one  can acquire BTS crystals with or without diamonds. If players obtain BTS crystal by grinding they can unlock the pink-colored costume bundle for free-of-cost.

Gray Ambush
  • For Gray Ambush (Top) 3000 Rank tokens are required 
  • For Gray Ambush (Bottom) 2000 Rank tokens are required
  • For Gray Ambush (Shoes)  1500 Rank tokens are required 
  • For Gray Ambush (Mask) 1500 Rank tokens are required.
  • For Gray Ambush (Head) 1500 Rank tokens are required.

In the redeem section Gray Ambush is another best option. In design the set is black and gray which is quite decent. Making the Gray Ambush bundle more desirable, it has a lower redemption cost. If users want to acquire the outfit set in its entirety, 9,500 Rank tokens have to be spend by the users.

Rainbow Sunshine  
  • Rainbow Sunshine (Top)
  • Rainbow Sunshine (Bottom)
  • Rainbow Sunshine (Shoes)
  • Rainbow Sunshine (Mask)
  • Rainbow Sunshine (Head

In the present Gold Royale Rainbow Sunshine is one of the main bundles. By taking spins using 300 gold coins per turn or vouchers users can acquire these bundles. It is not easy to obtain these but users who have excess gold or Gold Royale vouchers in their accounts can give a shot.

Fatal Glares
  • 3000 Rank tokens for Fatal Glares (Top)
  • 2000 Rank tokens for Fatal Glares (Bottom)
  • 1500 Rank tokens for Fatal Glares (Shoes) 
  • 3500 Rank tokens for Glare of Death (Mask) 
  • 2500 Rank tokens for Glare of Death (Head) 

Flare Glasses is one of the female counterparts of the bundles because both share Mask and Head outfits. Both of the bundles are quite similar because of its design and colors.  Fatal Glares is charming and attractive. If players want to acquire the Fatal Glares bundle in Free Fire then Gamers will need to spend 12,500  rank tokens. 

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Death Glares  
  • Death Glares (Top)  3000 Rank tokens
  • Death Glares (Bottom)  2000 Rank tokens
  • Death Glares (Shoes)  1500 Rank tokens
  • Glare of Death (Mask) 3500 Rank tokens
  • Glare of Death (Head) 2500 Rank tokens

Death Glare is an impressive male character bundles which can be redeemed by the users in the rank tokens section Garena Free Fire. Death Glares bundle is quite desirable because of its bandit-like appearance of the outfit. To unlock all five constituents of the set that uses black, red, and silver colors, players will need to pay as much as 12000 Rank token.

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