Top 5 Best Android Launchers 2021 you must try today

Best Android launchers 2021
Top 5 best android launchers 2021 you must try today

The best thing about Android phones is that you can easily customize them. With customizable features, you can make them convenient, attractive and operational like you want them to. Although, Android phone designs and layouts are evolving with the introduction of Android 11 and Pixel 5, yet Android launchers are popularly used to ‘self-design or personalize your smartphone. With a good Android launcher, you get an incredible collection of colourful icons, layouts, minimalist skins and so on. Long story short, installing Android launchers facilitate changing themes, adding smart folders and versatile search assistants. You can easily download Android launchers from Google Play Store or via their APK files. Here are the top 5 best Android launchers 2021 that you can download today. 

#1: Nova Launcher

When it comes to selecting the best Android launcher 2021, there is no way one forgets to mention Nova Launcher. It is well known to provide fast, sleek and high customization with little performance impacts. With Nova Launcher, you get a ton of options to play around with colourful themes, customizable icon packs, infinite scrolling, folder settings and so on. Nova never fails to come up with excellent new features such as animations, Sesame shortcuts etc. 

To download Nova Launcher, click here

Nova Launcher Prime starts at $4.99, offering you more than just a free downloadable launcher. You get something beyond just changing themes and icons. 

#2: Smart Launcher 5

Smart Launcher is well known for its flower grid. However, in the latest version, various new intelligently implemented layouts make it convenient for users to reach out to their favourite apps with a single hand. Easy to use drawer and handy search options you can quickly search for anything and everything on your phone or the web. Smart Launcher 5 allows the users to experiment with icons and colours, resize widgets accordingly and add other customizable features available in the package. 

To download Smart Launcher 5, click here

Smart Launcher’s Pro version is available for $7 offering the buyers to access a whole new range of extra features such as expanded gesture controls and pop-up widgets.

#3: Niagara Launcher 

Niagara Launcher is in the top three of the best Android Launchers 2021 because of its minimalism. The launcher allows you to keep the important notifications right at the home screen preventing you from indulging in other distractions while doing something productive. Along with keeping the notification rightly intact, it filters the spammy ones. The launcher incorporates handy alphabetical shortcuts, making it easy to access the apps. Unlike most third-party launchers, you will not find any unusual visual frills. 

To download Niagara Launcher, click here

#4: POCO Launcher

You can easily experience POCO Launcher by installing it via Google Play Store. However, this launcher is a bit different from the usual Xiaomi design as it offers a smart category and sorting in the drawer. With that, it also facilitates customizable transition effects, home screen, layout, notification badges and icon pack support. Unlike other launchers, this POCO Launcher doesn’t include deeply detailed customization options but its simple design streamlines the end-use. In the recent version, you can also find a fully functional dark theme, tap screen lock system and much more.

To download the latest POCO Launcher, click here

#5: Microsoft Launcher

Microsoft’s famous Arrow Launcher is now selling under the name Microsoft Launcher. The launcher supports context-sensitive app page, compact, and customizable feed well distinguishing between a smartphone and a Windows desktop. You can sync your phone and Windows PC hassle-free with this launcher. For example, quickly transfer snapshots and photos from your phone to desktop or open web links from mobile tabs to Edge on the PC. Installing the Microsoft Launcher gives you amazing customization options with its search bar, themes and gestures. 

To download Microsoft Launcher, click here

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