Top 3 Useful Features iPhone 13 is Missing

Apple iPhone 13
iPhone 13

The iPhone 13 is the latest addition to Apple‘s 2021 product lineup and there’s plenty to be excited about. The iPhone 13 series consists of four models:

  1. iPhone 13 Mini
  2. iPhone 13
  3. iPhone 13 Pro
  4. iPhone 13 Pro Max

We saw Apple make some big advancements in their series like 120Hz ProMotion displays, longer battery life, 1TB storage, and a lot more. But, there are some key features that the iPhone 13 series is still missing that other Android flagships or even mid-rangers offer.

A notch-less display


The latest Android phones like the OnePlus 9 and the Samsung Galaxy S21 feature a notch-less design which is something Apple has not tackled yet. The notch-less design gives users a more seamless experience and it also looks aesthetically better. The iPhone 13 does have a 20% smaller notch than the previous generations so we could see a notch-less design very soon.

Always-On Display (AOD)


Always-on displays are a great feature that show basic information like the time, battery percentage, and some notifications even when your phone’s display is on sleep Most modern phone makers including Samsung, Google and Xiaomi have all released phones with always-on displays, and Apple is yet to get on this train.

Always-on displays help people have a quick glance at some basic information without having to unlock or even touch their devices. This technology is very common with smartwatches and is present on the Apple Watch for a significantly long time.

Under Display Fingerprint Sensor


Under display fingerprint sensors are very common with most Android phones these days. It is one of the most convenient ways to unlock your phone although Facial Recognition is even better. Due to the global pandemic though, people are wearing masks most of the time and because of that Facial Recognition does not always work. This is why under-display fingerprint sensors are necessary. They do not take any external space and add fingerprint unlocking to devices! We have seen this feature in a variety of phones including the OnePlus 9 series.

That was our list of the top 3 features iPhones need! What other features do you want? Let us know in the comments down below.

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