The Term ‘FIFA’ is Expected to be Replaced With ‘EA Sports FC’

EA Sports is going to change the name of its popular soccer game. As company is going to remove the “FIFA” branding from it’s title.
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Electronic Arts popularly known as “EA” does not want to give FIFA, the ruling body of soccer, a premium for the title of its soccer game. FIFA games are among the most renowned game around the globe, but EA does not believe that keeping the name is worth $1 billion. That’s where the EA Sports FC (Football Club) trademark enters. Late last year, the publisher registered the title as a trademark, and sources tell GamesBeat that it is the brand EA will use.

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FIFA sees EA’s game as a huge success and wants a bigger slice of the cake. EA, on the other hand, does not want to reduce its profit margin any further than it already has. In terms of license payments and all the negotiating and legal effort that goes along with it, a large, global soccer video game is already a giant. And that is the bigger point as EA is in charge of the work.

Official team branding and real-world player names are not included in FIFA. That is handled individually and at a cost to the publisher. Hence FIFA is looking for money in exchange for the FIFA name, and EA is planning to end the deal forever. The company will be able to define its own future with EA Sports FC.

FIFA amended its trademark in Europe last week. In its filing, the company specifically gives references to video game products. The organization might counter with a new FIFA game that isn’t created by EA.

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